Wide Awakes


You have seen the images.

You know the list of injustices. (You do, right?)

You know the stakes.

We have a plan.

We are a network of thousands of artists, cultural workers, and activists driven by the most urgent social and political issues of our time. We’re organizing communities, sharing knowledge, building art, agitating for change, and getting out the vote.

Who are The Wide Awakes? YOU ARE!

The Wide Awakes believe art has the power to wake people up. Artists are always at the vanguard of social change, and art is a tool to educate, motivate, and activate our citizenry, inspire us, open our hearts and minds, and transform our lives. We’re gathering all of our creative ventures under a common umbrella to unleash the power of art on an unprecedented scale.

Working together, we make the culture—we are the culture—that makes the future.

In 1860, as the United States careened toward the Civil War, a group of young patriots launched a movement to wake up the country. “The Wide Awakes” of 1860 were mechanics, laborers, and clerks who opened their eyes, stood up, and marched and sang in the streets with flags and capes and banners by the tens of thousands. Eventually, hundreds of thousands agitated for a little-known presidential candidate from the newly formed Republican Party: Abraham Lincoln. They were creative with their use of art, song, and public rallies, and pushed for the abolition of slavery at a critical moment in history.

160 years later, we face a choice as a nation: chaos or community?

Once again, it’s time for a Wake Up, a Reset, and a Reimagining of what is possible. At this very moment—all over the world—a new Wide Awakes movement is building.

Individually we are asleep. Together we are awake.

Are you Wide Awake? Are you in?

Wide Awakes
Wide Awakes
Wide Awakes
Wide Awakes