ALL LI ES MATTERHuman Rights Campaign Headquarters
June 2020

ALL LI ES MATTER is a massive work - the largest of Hank’s to date - installed at the Human Rights Campaign headquarters building in Washington DC. Unveiled on Juneteenth of 2020, the provocative work edits the dismissive phrase "All Lives Matter" that is used to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement. By removing one letter from the phrase, the artist creates an entirely different and counter poignancy, tackling centuries of lies and misrepresentations of Black people in America.

“The Human Rights Campaign is in full support of the righteous protesters who have taken to the streets to demand action and accountability for the horrific violence we have seen against Black and transgender people in this country, I am proud to join forces with Hank Willis Thomas and share his important conceptual piece and message just six blocks from the White House, where a man notorious for his lies and lack of empathy resides, and at the heart of the protests against racial violence. All lives cannot matter until Black lives, and Black trans lives, matter.” — HRC President Alphonso David.

The installation is a collaboration with For Freedoms, the design was previously shown in 2018 as a billboard in St. Louis. In addition to the art installation, HRC has also attached a large-scale banner, not created by Thomas, to the headquarters building that reads “Black Lives Matter | Black Trans Lives Matter.”

“It seems so obvious that many people are lying when they say ‘All lives matter,’” Thomas told New York Magazine in 2018. “If you believe all lives matter, then you’d also acknowledge that Black lives matter, and those same people would be marching alongside if they believed that.”

Juneteenth 2020

For Freedoms

vinyl banner
85 x 30 feet