Crosstown Traffic (It's So Hard To Get Through To You)Judkins Park Station
Forthcoming 2024

A permanent installation on the East and West entrances of the new Judkins Park Station, the first in Seattle’s Central District and part of Central Puget Sound Transit Authority (Sound Transit).

These two photomurals both center Jimi Hendrix, in his youth and later in life at the peak of his fame, highlighting the importance of his legacy as well as his personal connection and impact on Seattle and the surrounding neighborhood. The images in use were provided by Janie Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix’ star) from the Hendrix Archives.

Created in porcelain enamel and a lenticular-like bronze - anodized panels, both murals are rendered in a halftone pattern in which the image will read as sharp and cohesive from a distance and as abstract and reflective when viewed up close. Inspired by rarely seen photographs and the interactions between identity, commerce and media, Hank continues to explore how history informs notions of place and identity through different perspectives.

Forthcoming 2023

Sound Transit

West: Porcelain enamel
54 ft. tall, 9 ft. 6 in. wide

East: Perforated bronze-anodized metal
35 ft. tall, 13 ft. wide

Crosstown Traffic (It's So Hard To Get Through To You)
Crosstown Traffic (It's So Hard To Get Through To You)