Frieze Sculpture 2019 Frieze Sculpture at Rockefeller Center
April 25June 28, 2019

“When viewers occupy the piece, they are encouraged to contemplate what it means to inhabit their own speech and beliefs.” - Hank Willis Thomas

Joseph and Kazuma (real red) and Harriet and Annie (capri) are two temporary installations featured in the inaugural Frieze Sculpture at Rockefeller Plaza in partnership with Tishman Speyer. Steps away from the familiar flags, Hank has created two brightly colored, comic-book style thought bubbles that double as benches, on which people can sit and contemplate the sculpture directly in front of them. Alongside thirteen international artists curated by Brett Littman, Hank frames public spaces for conversation, reflections and agency.

On view
April 25 - June 28, 2019

Josephine and Kazumi (real red), 2019

Harriet and Annie (capri), 2019
Rolled steel
Dimensions vary

Frieze Sculpture 2019
Frieze Sculpture 2019
Frieze Sculpture 2019